Our revolutionary designed LED is breaking ground and records in the grow room.


The aircool design on the LEDs allowed for no extra fans to be used to cool the diodes. That means no dirt, humidity or fans to break down in the product. The spectrum has been tested again and again til lights almost mimic the photsynthesis light dependency perfectly. We have come up with the Build-As-You-Grow motto. Each of our lights are sold independently so that you can buy one or buy ten at a time. Whichever suits your budget best. They come with a jumper cable that allows you to link the lights so you can create your own panels using our aluminium track bars, allowing you to spread the light how you want as well. Everything is designed for cutomization as well as efficiency. We tell it how it is . Our lights are achieving 1.8 umol of light per watt. Thats more than HPS and GAVITA. See the difference now.

QGLED Vegative