Activates the flowering stage of a plant, to be used in conjunction with a Floral Hardener such as Ton o Bud and/or the Heavies for perfect abundant flower formation. Note this is not a floral hardener as is ‘Ton o Bud’ this is a product for the onset of flowering only.


It is used to expand flowers and ‘swell’ the plants feeding channels to allow for a greater fruit mass to be hardened off. Short flowering crops like tomatoes may need only one application; longer flowerers like certain orchids may require two applications. Can elongate initial bud sites on all flowering crops and can go some way in facilitating earlier ripening of fruiting crops.


Add it to your nutrient solution just before flowers are starting to form.


Reliable source of nutrition in the area where buds are developing.


Elevated phosphorus level for fast healthy flowering and ripening fruit load.

Bud Start Liquid