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Trudeau Special- Want to Grow Your Own Marijuana?


Want to Grow Your Own Cannabis? Don’t know where to start? We Gotcha!

Our Trudeau Special comes ready with everything you need to grow your own cannabis…
Including free installation services within Calgary.

Included in the Trudeau Special:

  • 2x4x6.7Ft Tent with Shelving

  • Four 4Ft Ultimate Flowering LEDs

  • Four 1 Gal Geopot

  • Tray 2x4Ft

  • Charcoal Filter MA416 & 4” Inline Fan

  • 6” Clip Fan

  • Bell Siphon with Flood & Drain

  • 1 Pack of Coco Bricks

  • 10L Perlite

  • 60L Reservoir

  • Water Pump

  • 1/2” Flex Hose

  • pH Test Kit

  • CY1 Cycle Timer

  • Heavy Duty Timer

Award-Winning Nutrients included:

  • 1L each of Quick Grow, Quick Mix, Quick Bloom

  • 1L QG Gold

  • 500ml each of Vita Plus, Cal Maggie, Carb Bonbon, Queen Bee, Bud Life, Notorious Bloom, Hulk It, Bud Detox

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